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The Cincinnati Zoo has just had 2 cougar cubs delivered in their nursery on September 19. The two 8 week old males, Joseph and Tecumseh, were just put out for display in the nursery on Thursday. The cubs weigh about 8.5 pounds and will grow to about 140 to 200 pound. The cats eat over half their weight in meat every day in about 4 to 5 servings. The cubs will be soon joining the zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program to prepare for the roles as Animal Ambassadors in the Cincinnati’s Night Hunters Exhibit which will open in May. Haven’t you heard of cougars? What about mountain lions, or panthers? The truth is, all of these three things are the same. Just different names to call them. So if you ever hear about any of these three, just remember that they’re the same (:
Baby Cougar

Challenge 7 (:

Hello again! (: Today I’m doing challenge 7 and I am choosing #5 to choose your own topic to blog about. The topic I am writing about is life. (:

Life is the most important thing that you have. This month in my town we have had 2 deaths of 2 great people that really shouldn’t have left us yet. The first situation was a man named Doug Brown. Mr.Brown had to have been one of the nicest men you have ever met. He participated in many things involving kids because he loved to be around all of the grade schoolers to high schoolers. Mr. Brown substituted for teachers any time he got the chance because he loved to teach. Also he was a ref of many football, basketball, and many other sports. He loved to support the kids in all of their sports, plays, and other activities. As I said he loved kids but not only did he love them, all of the kids he taught loved him because he was a fun, loving man, and you could really, easily tell that he cared. Sadly, Mr. Brown was diagnosed with cancer and just couldn’t make it through all of the treatments. rest in peace mr. brown. you are missed.

The second situation is with a 16 year old girl named Kelly. Kelly was a young high school girl that was very athletic, kind, and loved by many. She played softball, volleyball, and many other sports. One night Kelly was driving on a gravel road and she rolled her car and passed away. Kelly’s friend that was also in the car lived. Kelly participated in many church activities, she was loved by many and really shouldn’t have lost her life at such a young age. much sympathy to her family and friends. ):

I know that many of the people reading this dont know any of the people that I’m talking about, but the real meaning of what I’m saying is that either of these situations could happen to you tomorrow. Love life and live it to the fullest (:

Digital Footprint (:

My definition of a digital footprint is when a person can almost tell your personality/background from just a website that you’ve made. Most likely you will want a positive digital footprint, if your sane, because anyone can find ways to look at your site. Whether its for a job application, or even for school. Anyone can look at your site whether you want them to or not. Actually most employers will have a background check on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and many others. So all that this post is saying is to be careful and think twice about what you put online because anyone can see it.

Top 5 Favorite Movies (: Top 5 Least Favorite Movies(:

My top 5 favorite movies! (:

1. Life as we know it (:


This movie I just saw a little while ago, and it was one of the cutest movies ever! It was a little sad but I really enjoyed watching it! (: Its about a couple that just had a baby and both the husband and wife’s best friends have stuck with them through out the years. Tragically the couple die in a car accident, with out telling their friends, before they died they put them down as the godparents of their baby, Sophie. After the funeral is over, Holly and Eric (enemies, both are best friends of the couple) are placed as the new parents of Sophie. Both adults have barely any idea how to raise a kid, but work together to give Sophie a good childhood. After spending so much time together, brought closer by the baby, Holly and Eric fall in love (:

2. Avatar (:


Avatar (: is really good. One of the best movies of all time! It has the prettiest backgrounds of a world called Pandora. There are the Naavi people that are originally from Pandora, and there are the scientists that come and study their land. The scientists make these Avatars that people can sync into and then use that body to relate to the Naavi. Then the scientist find a mineral under the Navvi’s home tree, and then they destroy their home 🙁 Everything turns out all better though! (: So its all okay!

3. Eclipse (:


Eclipse! (: This is a pretty good movie! I went to the midnight premiere with my mom and sister and a few of my friends and it was really good! (:

4. Dear John (:


Dear John (:  I love this movie!  It is very good!  One of the best romance movies I’ve ever seen.

5.The Bounty Hunter! (:


Top 5 Least Favorite Movies (:

1. This is it



2.  High School Musical






4. Amusement



5.  The Sound Of Music


an average day of school (: blehh

Hello eveyone!

I’m gonna tell you about an average school day in my life! (:

First of all I don’t like school. At all.

Okay so school starts 7:55.

We have 8 class periods. Each period is 50 minutes. My schedule is like this:

1. P.E.

2. Industrial Tech

3. Math

4. Lunch/Pride

5. Challenge

6. Civics

7. Science

8. English

I usually am drove to school by my mom or my dad. My sister is able to drive but she has to go to the high school earlier then me so she just drives herself. But since next year I’ll be at the high school too, most likely she’s gonna drive me.

My choice of subject would have to be art. I don’t have art until next semester but last year I had it and I loved it! I’m looking forward to doing all of the different projects.

After school I either go to swimming or volleyball. It just depends what time of the year we’re in.

challenge 6? (: yess

Hola everyone! I hate blogging but I’m gonna because I want to pass this class! But I guess I’ll try to make it good for now. (:

Alright! I just got done with challenge 6 and now I’m gonna tell you about it!

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a story from a picture (:

Image: 'Happyness'

Image: 'Happyness'

Swinging. Swinging back and fourth with two others that you do not know at all. They seem nice. I guess I can handle 3 hours with them. Flying. Flying in the wind. I’m surprised that no one has fell off of this thing yet. I really am. Oh never mind. There goes the one in the white. Crying. Crying her eyes out. Screaming. Screaming in our ears. Wow. She’s the one who wanted to swing higher so we did, and she fell, and of course she blames me and shoe dropper over here. Parents nursing. She’s still crying. Way to loud. Especially because she just scraped her knee. I wouldn’t of even teared up! Jeesshh. Maybe I can’t handle the 3 hours with them….

Where to get pictures (:

Where can I get pictures? ANYWHERE! almost… (: Haha you can get pictures at a lot of different websites, you just want to make sure that they aren’t copy write. Some websites include Bing, Google, Ask, and many more. Just check with an adult or teacher to make sure they aren’t copy wrote if you aren’t sure. Most people do this so that they don’t get in trouble for stealing people’s work. (: thanks for reading!